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Copy Reels Video Link

From the Instagram Reels Video section, Click on the share button to get the video link that you want to download. Then Copy the Instagram reel video link.


Paste the video link into Reels Save.

Then paste the copied link into the Reels Save Downloader and click the Download button.


Select Download Quality

Select the video quality that you wish to download. Wait for our server to process it and download it to your device. Stay for a while to Complete Download process.

Instagram Reels Downloader

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Instagram Reel Downloader: Create Your Personalized Library

Key Features of reelssave Instagram Reel Downloader

Instagram reels are gaining popularity quite rapidly. With the growing demand for Instagram Reels, we are sure that you need a solution to have those incredible content at your fingertips. And you want no barrier to watch those reels. Here, we've termed barriers as poor internet connection, internet availability, flexibility, associated costs, etc.

To assist you in this case, Reels Save is here with an exclusive Instagram Reel Downloader service. By using this platform, you can effortlessly build a personal collection of Reels that incorporates your interests and passions. So, immerse yourself in the creative, inspiring, and entertaining world of Insta reels.

Why Download Instagram Reels

Offline Viewing

By downloading Instagram Reels, you eliminate the requirement of an internet connection. This solution is crucially beneficial if you're on a plane or in a remote area with limited connectivity; you will have access to the content. Simply put, downloading the Instagram reels provides you the ability to access and watch your favorite Reels offline: convenient and uninterrupted entertainment.

Content Preservation

Instagram is a popular and dynamic platform. And every minute, thousands of reels are posted on this platform. Following this, contents disappear quickly or get buried by the new posts. Considering this case, Instagram reels download is the lucrative solution. It allows you to preserve and save your favorite content. In short, you can enjoy the small videos at any time.

Sharing and Reposting

Downloading Instagram Reels offers you the opportunity to share those with family and friends effortlessly. Additionally, you also can repost the reels on other social media platforms. In short, having the reels saved on your device gives you more flexibility in terms of sharing.

Creative Inspiration

As an Instagram user, you know how powerful the reels are. These tiny video contents incorporate creativity, talent, and inspiration. By downloading Insta Reels, you can have a library of content. This library basically consists of contents that go with your taste, intellectual, and expertise. Here, this personalized database can act as a source of inspiration and ideas. We see, whether you're a content creator, artist, or dancer, having a collection of reels at your disposal can substantially boost your creativity.

Higher Convenience

Downloading Instagram Reels offers you the convenience of watching them at your own pace and on your preferred device. By taking this action, you no longer need to use the Instagram app every time when you want to get entertained. It also eliminates the dependency on internet availability. You can enjoy Reels on your phone, tablet, or computer anytime and anywhere.

Why Use Reels Save Instagram Reel Downloader

Easy and Quick Downloads

Our Instagram Reel Downloader is empowered by advanced technologies. It accommodates a hassle-free downloading process. You can download and save your favorite reels with just a few simple steps.

High-Quality Downloads

We know the video quality of the reels matters to you. Our Instagram Reels Video Downloader ensures that you can download Instagram Reels in high-resolution. Also, our downloader offers you get the content with original resolution. We assure you the reels will be high-quality with exceptional depth and clarity.

Offline Viewing

Reels Save's Insta Reels downloader addresses the problems like buffering, data limitations, etc. Our service allows you to access your downloaded reels offline. It means you have no worries about getting access to your favorite video content even if you are traveling, in areas with poor internet connectivity, or simply want to conserve your mobile data.

Batch Downloading

We are offering you the opportunity of downloading multiple reels at once. Our batch-downloading feature saves you time and effort. It enables you to select and download multiple reels simultaneously.

User-Friendly Interface

We know everyone is not tech-savvy. And by keeping this in mind, we designed our Instagram Reel Downloader to incorporate easy navigation. To deal with the associated user-friendly interface, you do not need to have any master level of knowledge. It is actually just a click-and-go facility.

Privacy and Security

We prioritize your privacy and data security on top of everything else. We assure you that our downloader is built with advanced security measures. It effectively safeguards your personal information.

Cost Saving

Our service is totally free. You do not have to pay a single penny for downloading Insta reels via Reels Save Insta Reels Downloader. However, we offer a personalized plan which comes with some added advantages.

How to Save Instagram Reels

For Android Devices
  • Step 01: On Reels Save, open the Instagram Reel Downloader page.
  • Step 02: Find the download bar to insert the link (URL) of the respective content from Instagram.
  • Step 03: Go to Instagram and log in to your account.
  • Step 04: Click on the desired reel(s).
  • Step 05: Copy the URL address of the reel(s).
  • Step 06: Paste this URL link to the download bar.
  • Step 07: Click on the "Download" button.
  • Step 08: After download completion, save the cells (s) as per your desired location on the device.
For iOS devices
  • Step 01: To use Reels Save Instagram reel downloader iPhone, iPad, iPhone, or Mackbook and open the Instagram Reel Downloader page.
  • Step 02: Find the download bar.
  • Step 03: Go to Instagram and log in to your account.
  • Step 04: Click on the desired reel(s).
  • Step 05: Copy the URL address of the reel(s).
  • Step 06: Now, just paste the copied URL to the download bar on our Instagram reel downloader no watermark page.
  • Step 07: Click on the "Download" button.
  • Step 08: Save the reel(s) as per your desired location on the device.

Key Features of Reels Save

  • One-click download
  • It's totally free
  • No limitation in download quantity
  • High-resolution contents
  • 24/7 professional support
  • It also acts as Instagram reel audio downloader

People Also Ask

Downloading Instagram Reels for personal use is generally considered acceptable. We strongly recommend you contact the creator before using any reel for commercial or business purposes.

You can download Instagram Reels that are publicly available. For downloading private reels, you have to consult with the group or creator to get downloading access. If you have access, then you can also download those private reels by using our downloader.

No, you cannot download Reels from private Instagram accounts. Only the account owner and approved followers can view and download the Reels. We would like to notify you that downloading Reels from private accounts without valid permission is a violation of copyright and privacy policies.

Yes, once you have downloaded an Instagram Reel, you can share it with others. In general, publicly available Insta reels come with permission for sharing and reposting.

The ability to download Instagram Reels may vary depending on the platform or downloader tool you use. By using the Reels Save platform, you have no restriction over the download quantity.