Gift Your Favorit Creator: How Much Is a Rose on TikTok

December 24, 2023 / TikTok

User behavior on social media is always changing. TikTok has considered this ever-evolving context of user behavior and acts as a generator of new trends and challenges. It changes the way we express ourselves and connect with others. Following this, gifting a rose on TikTok lives is a very common trend.

But do you know how much is a rose on TikTok? On the platform, a rose indicates one coin. In actuality, this one coin is equal to USD 0.14 cents in the real world for a creator and USD 1.4 for a viewer. This gift is usually given to the content creator who is going live with his or her content.

Do you want to know more? Let’s dive deeper.

Basics of Gifting Rose on TikTok

From our expert observation, we can say that gifting roses on TikTok is a lucrative symbol of engagement of the viewers with the content creators. The concept is that while a content creator is doing live, the viewers send roses as a virtual gift to the creator. 

TikTok’s governing entity considers this rose to be the growth of this platform and pays the creator 1-coin. Later, the creator receives real-world money when he or she receives the payment from TikTok. 

Here, TikTok converts the number of coin deposits in a certain creator’s account to real-world currency. In short, this is one of the most popular and well-known areas by which content creators on TikTok earn money.

In-depth Discussion: How Much Is a Rose on TikTok

For many creators, getting roses is the most crucial means of earning from TikTok. While producing content regularly, creators also go live to meet the demands of his or her fans and followers. 

In the live session, the creator comes up with some special things for the following viewers. The creator and his or her viewers become closer in these live sessions.

Following this, the viewers purchase roses from TikTok to gift to their favorit creators. As a viewer, you purchase a rose in exchange for USD 1.4. When you press the “rose” button, the creator receives a rose. 

In a tangible context, one rose is one coin on TikTok. For this one coin, the TikTok entity pays the creator 0.14 cents in USD. This amount is surely insignificant. But you must know that some TikTokers have millions of followers. 

So, the accumulated roses, i.e., real-world money for each live session, are surprisingly big. There are TikTokers who earn thousands of USD from a single live session.

However, the core is that you purchase a rose by paying USD 1.4, and the creator gets USD 0.14 for a rose.

Why Viewers Gift Rose to Creators on TikTok

The following are the reasons for gifting roses on TikTok by the viewers. Understanding the “rose-gifting” is crucial whether you are a creator or viewer.

Joining a Certain TikTok Community

Sending roses is a fun way to show you’re part of a group of fans who love the same creator. Gifting roses while a specific creator goes live symbolizes that you are fond of a particular content type and creator. It assists in developing a sense of participation and engagement within a certain group or community.

Joining Any Challenge

Sending roses is an effective way to participate in any TikTok trends or challenges. It’s like joining the fun and being part of a TikTok family. If you are an active TikTok user, gifting the rose also gives you mental pleasure.

Getting Special Treats from The Creator

There are many creators on TikTok who run live performances for their fans and followers. In this case, the creator allows the user to a private show by knowing that he or she will get roses as gifts from the respective viewers of the live session. 

Here, you can expect to watch special and exclusive content or live shows created by your favorite creator.

Getting Recognition from a Creator

It is undeniable that most of the content creators goes live to get as much as possible to get bigger number of roses. When you send lots of roses, you get noticed by the creator. 

As a result, your favorite creator counts you as a special follower. In exchange, you can get a shoutout from the creator saying “thank you.” Also, you avail of the opportunity to get a one-to-one live session with your favourite creator.

Helping Out Creator

It is certain that your favorit creators spend time and effort to produce content that you like. You get entertainment, knowledge, or information by watching the content of a particular creator. 

In exchange, you will gift roses to acknowledge the creator’s effort and time. In this way, you help the creator to receive financial benefits by creating content that is valuable to you.

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Final Words

We expect that now you have a clear understanding of how much is a rose on TikTok. As a viewer, you purchase each rose for USD 1.4. TikTok entity counts a rose equal to a virtual coin. When TikTok converts these virtual coins into real-world currencies, they become equivalent to 0.14 cents for a creator. 

In short, by gifting a rose to your favourite creator’s live show, you acknowledge the creator’s effort for content creation. Also, gifting a rose indicates that you are a part of a certain community. Finally, receiving roses by a creator means getting financial help from the followers.

People Also Ask

What are the alternatives to roses on TikTok?

There are several alternatives to roses on TikTok. But, for one-coin gifts, the alternatives are Cone Ice Cream, TikTok logo, etc.

Can I send roses to multiple creators?

Yes, you can send roses to multiple creators on TikTok. There is no restriction about gifting roses on TikTok. The platform encourages users to support various creators and engage with a diverse range of content.

Do I have to buy roses on TikTok to gift creator?

Yes, you have to purchase coins from TikTok to gift roses to your favorit creator. When you send a rose to a creator, your account is charged by one coin on the platform. However, per rose typically cost you USD 1.4 on TikTok.

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