How Long Can an Instagram Reel Be in 2023: Expert Answer

August 11, 2023 / Instagram

Instagram Reels provide you with the opportunity to express your creativity while embracing your expectation for the digital world. This short video version on Instagram also brings various opportunities to the general creators, influencers, businesses, and viewers. 

But, for everyone, a question always remains in mind how long can an Instagram reel be in 2023? In this article, we answer this question in detail and cover some relevant aspects. Again, we also explore the best length of Instagram reel to achieve success in the content creation world.

Basics of Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are a comparatively new version of content on this platform. This short-form video has transformed the way we share and enjoy video content on the platform. Reels are full-screen vertical videos. 

If you do not have an Instagram account, just use the Instagram Reels Downloader to download and save the short video. Later, in your free time, check out that to do a close examination to find out its advantages, amazingness, etc.

Top Features of Instagram Reels

Below are some must-mention features of Instagram reels.

  • A toolkit that comes with Reels. This kit allows you to edit the content on the platform very easily. This toolkit brings some awesome editing tricks to your fingertips. You can add multiple video clips in a single reel, use filters for a unique look, drop in captions to tell your story, and even change up the background with interactive effects and stickers. 
  • A significant amount of royalty-free tunes are also available for creators. You can choose from a vast library of sounds. Most amazingly, you have the opportunity to choose from popular songs and snippets of viral stuff from other users.
  • Creating and posting reels on Instagram enables a handsome earning opportunity. In this case, the earning opportunities include Instagram’s bonus programs for creators, professional collaboration, selling your product, promoting any brand, etc.
  • Instagram reels are a great way to establish your digital presence. By circulating your reels, you can develop a follower base.

Instagram Reels Vs Stories

In comparison to Instagram reels and videos, the very first thing is that reels are very short, and stories are lengthy. Secondly, reels don’t get vanished like Instagram Stories after a day. Most importantly, the Instagram algorithm is now favoring Reels on top of every other video type. It means now the algorithm boosts reels more than the Insta stories.

How Long Can an Instagram Reel be in 2023

In 2023, Instagram is allowing more duration for the reels. Now you can create and post a reel of 90 seconds. This duration was not applicable in the past. After the launch of the Instagram Camera in July 2022, the platform started to allow you to post reels up to 90 seconds long. Before that, the allowed duration was stuck within 60 seconds.

However, it does not mean you must have to produce a 90-second reel all the time. You can choose from 15, 30, 60, or the epic 90 seconds. In this way, you have the opportunity to set the length of particular reels based on content criteria, your business goal, followers’ demands, your preferences, and so on. 

How to Post Reels with a Certain Duration

To post reels of different duration, follow the below-mentioned stepwise approach.

  • First, locate the Reel that you want to post. To find that reels, tap on the Plus icon right in the middle of the app, or give your screen a gentle swipe to the right from your Feed.
  • Now, scroll through the options at the bottom and tap on Reels.
  • On the left side of your screen, there’s a button for choosing how long you want your Reel to be. Press the button; it will ask you to pick from 15, 30, 60, and 90 seconds. Select the preferred length. However, before publishing, you have to do some more tasks. 
  • By using the editing feature, make the necessary changes. You can speed up or slow down your video, mix in some music, and play around with cool effects.
  • Finally, you are ready to create and post the Reel. Hold down the Record button, and off you go! Once you’re rolling, feel free to throw in captions and music to jazz up your video. 

What is the Best Length for Instagram Reels

Well, there is no rule of thumb in terms of reels’ length on Instagram. The ideal duration for your Instagram Reels depends on the kind of content you’re sharing and what your audience likes. Also, your business goal, product type, message you want to circulate, etc., matter in the reel duration selection. 

However, as per many experts, the engagement rate of 10-30 seconds reels is higher than the 90-second reels. But we suggest you do not go for this statement. Analyze your audience preference and content type, then select a certain duration for each Reel. 

Can I adjust the video speed in an Instagram Reel?

Yes, you can adjust the video speed for Instagram reels. You have the option to modify the speed of your video by using the given toolkit.

Do longer Reels perform better than shorter ones? 

The performance of a Reel depends on various factors beyond just its length. A reel’s performance depends on content quality, creativity, audience engagement, etc. Longer Reels offer more storytelling potential, but reels are good to grab prompt attention.

Will longer Reels reach a wider audience? 

As per Instagram’s official statement, it does not prioritize content based on its duration. But, our practical observation says Instagram’s algorithm currently favors Reels and recommends them to users who don’t follow you.

Final Words

In 2023, the length of an Instagram Reel has become more flexible. Now, Instagram is allowing creators like you to tell their stories in different ways. We expect that our elaboration on how long can an Instagram reel be in 2023 will assist you in the next content creation process. 

Remember, longer Reels offer more room for creativity and storytelling, but grabbing people’s attention quickly is still important. And this can be easily done through short videos. We suggest you do not think about the duration a lot, just create quality content and select duration appropriately to retain the quality.

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