Practical Answers of What does KMS Mean on Snapchat

Certainly, the communication between two or a group of people is dynamic. It is more applicable to your Snapchat communication. In general, on Snapchat communication, you and your opposite person use tons of acronyms, which can sound unusual to people who have never used a platform like Snapchat. 

On Snapchat, the term “KMS” is used widely. If you are new on this social media platform or the other person you are communicating with is new, decoding KMS becomes really challenging. Following this, a question arises: what does KMS mean on Snapchat

Here, we detail the answer to this question while discussing some must-know matters about the use of this acronym.

The Answer: What does KMS Mean on Snapchat

In general, four particular or meaningful uses of KMS on Snapchat can be observed. Also, the term KMS is used to discuss a feature of this messaging platform. Let’s check one by one.

Meaning 01: Kill Myself

If someone sends you KMS on Snapchat communication, you can interpret that the opposite person is highly frustrated, anxious, desperate, or angry. Here, he or she is using KMS to express the mentioned feelings in a funny way. 

For instance, you and your coworker are working on a project, and you get a notification late at night that the project proposal has been rejected, and you guys have to do it again. 

Considering this scenario, when you inform the person about the rejection-related notification to the coworker in the morning, he or she will definitely be frustrated and angry as the work needs to be done again. 

In such a scenario, your coworker can send you KMS to mean that “I am going to kill myself by realizing that the work has to be done again.” He or she can use KMS to express his or her feelings of frustration or disappointment while including a pinch of fun- like “OH! Man, we have to do it again!”

Meaning 02 Killing Myself

The Snapchat acronym KMS can also be interpreted as killing myself. It also expresses the sender is experiencing frustration, anger, anxiety, etc. But it has degraded-level of the negative feelings than “kill myself.” But the seriousness is more here than the “kill myself” context. 

Additionally, this decoding includes the involvement of others in the scenario. For example, if your neighbor is having a party and there is a DJ, you can send KMS to the opposite person in the Snapchat messaging. Here, the meaning is that the sound is very loud and has reached to intolerable level. Following this, the loud sound is directed to killing yourself. 

Here, the use of KMS signifies your intolerance level. In a professional setting, if your boss’s demand or goal is totally unachievable, but you cannot argue, you can send KMS to your team members to tell them that the boss’s decisions are just directing you to kill yourself. 

Meaning 03: Kill Me Softly

This decoding of KMS on Snapchat is considered a more personalized context. It is highly applicable to use if you are in a romantic relationship with the opposite person on Snapchat messaging. There is another interpretation of KMS, i.e., “kill me slowly.” 

In a romantic relationship, expressing the sentiment of “kill me softly” through the use of KMS is a tender way to convey deep emotions. Whether during an intimate moment or after a sweet gesture, saying something like, “You’re killing me softly with your love,” adds a touch of passion and affection to the relationship. 

Sending KMS on Snapchat to your partner is the showcasing of the powerful impact your partner has on your emotions. It also assists you in expressing your feelings about the depth of the connection between the two of you. Also, playfully sending the KMS into your interactions can create a sweet and memorable dynamic.

Meaning 04: Killing Me Slowly

On Snapchat, when your friend says “KMS.” It means they’re not talking about something serious. It often means they’re super bored or annoyed. It’s like saying, “The life is so dull and boring that it’s extracting the enjoyment of living out of me.” 

It’s a way to show how fed up your friend is with whatever’s going on. To cut a long story short, the use of KMS is a common way to express frustration or boredom on social media.

Meaning 05: KMS is a Feature of Snapchat

On Snapchat, the KMS feature has become really handy for lots of people. It’s like a must-have tool because it helps keep Snapstreaks going. 

Even if you can’t send snaps on a particular day, in this way, you can still stay close to your friends and keep your Snapchat relationships strong, even when you can’t snap for a while. 

In consideration of this, if someone you are chatting with inquires how you are sending the snaps, what will be your response? Definitely, you will say, “It’s KMS.”

Must-Consider Matters about KMS

The following are the must-consider things to use KMS on Snapchat.

  • In professional relationships, try to avoid using this term unless the recipient is your close coworker.
  • Understand the context of the ongoing discussion before sending KMS. To elaborate, the opposite person in a Snapchat message is inviting you to a party, but you are busy that day and send a KMS. It is totally inappropriate, even though you meant, “Kill myself; I am not free that day.”
  • You see, the term KMS consists of a critical and dangerous word, “kill.” So, if your friend has sent you a Snapchat message – KMS. Do not ignore it by thinking it’s just for fun. Here, “he or she might be meaning I am going to kill myself literally.”

Final Words

We hope that now you have a clear answer to what does KMS mean on Snapchat. It can be decoded in several ways like “kill myself,” “killing myself,” “kill me softly,” etc. 

However, while sending or receiving a message containing the term KMS, you must consider the context and the relationship with the sender or receiver. It will help you to reach out to the exact meaning of KMS in that particular chat. 

People Also Ask

How do I know the intended meaning of “KMS” in a Snapchat conversation? 

The best way to understand the meaning is to consider the context of the conversation. If unsure, you can ask the person using the term for clarification to ensure you interpret it correctly.

Is “KMS” always a serious expression on Snapchat?

The use of KMS does not represent serious meaning all the time. Meanwhile, “KMS” can be a serious expression indicating distress. But, on Snapchat, it’s also commonly used more lightheartedly to express frustration or boredom.

Can “KMS” be used in a positive way on Snapchat?

Though the use of KMS is commonly associated with negative feelings. But, in some cases, people might use “KMS” playfully to exaggerate a situation’s seriousness.

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