Can You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Video: Solved

Facebook videos are now significantly popular in terms of reaching people with ideas, products, creativity, etc. And the engagement is a crucial matter in this case. The criteria and number of engagements provide you with a projection of the video’s overall success. 

To check out the detailed engagement, many creators intend to interact with each individual viewer and search for the profile of the viewers. In consideration of this context, we always face a query about whether you can see who viewed your Facebook video. 

In this article, we explore this question while covering other relevant aspects.

Reasons to Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Video

The below list informs you of the benefits of knowing who viewed your Videos on FB.

  • Knowing who viewed your FB video provides a sense of validation and satisfaction. It triggers a boost in your confidence level. This information also motivates you to create more engaging content in the future.
  • By identifying the viewers of your videos, you can gain an in-depth understanding of the audiences’ interests and preferences.
  • If you are a marketer, knowing the details of every viewer allows you to promote your product or service in a more personalized manner. It enables the opportunity to enhance the overall ROI of your digital business.
  • Information about individual viewers allows you to establish a personalized connection with the person. It basically promotes a long-term relationship.
  • There are times when you become concerned about the security of your FB video content. In this case, by seeing who viewed the videos, you become able to restrict any further unauthorized access or potential privacy breaches.
  • Finally, if you use a Facebook video downloader service and share those videos through messaging platforms with friends and family, you can receive valuable feedback about the quality of the video.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Video

Well, the straightforward answer is that it depends on the video category. As a FB video creator, you must know there are different forms of video you can upload. Each video category has its own benefits with different analytics given by FB. Below are the details of those.

Facebook Stories Video

Facebook Stories videos are the “bite-sized” showcasing of your lifestyle, idea, thought, creativity, etc. These videos are accessible by your friends on Facebook and to the public as well, depending on your privacy settings. These videos, in general, are kept on your FB feed for only 24 hours. 

However, people can visit your archive of content on FB to watch any of the older videos. However, for the FB stories videos, Facebook allows you to check every individual who has watched your video. This feature offers you an exclusive way of interacting with your friends. 

It grants you the satisfaction of knowing who has engaged with your content(s). It enables the opportunity to measure the audience’s interest to connect more meaningfully with the viewers.

Below is the stepwise guideline to check who has viewed your FB stories video(s).  

  • Navigate to your Facebook story and go to the “recent update” section.
  • You will see the list of people who have viewed your story. It is usually located at the bottom left corner.
  • Click on the list. You will be able you see every individual’s profile name who has viewed your video.

However, here you may find some viewers are categorized as “others” by Facebook. These people are not included in your friend list. To see their details, follow the below guideline.

  • Open the Facebook website and log in to your account.
  • On the opened page, find the “three dots” icon. It is the menu button.
  • Tap on that to explain. A drop-down menu will show you various options.
  • Now, press the “view privacy shortcut” button.
  • Select the option named “Who can see what you share.”
  • Press “continue.” Then press the “next” button.
  • Under the “stories” section, set the “public,” allowing everyone’s access.
  • Now, you can check the “others” profile details.

Facebook Live Streaming Videos

Live Streaming videos are also a category of Facebook videos. It offers your followers, friends, and others to watch your live video content when you are actually performing. It offers a unique experience distinct from pre-recorded videos.

During a live stream, you can see who is watching your streaming on a real-time basis. Here, you also have the opportunity to identify who has commented, liked, loved, etc., your live video content. To check the viewer details, take the below actions.

  • Go to the “live stream management” page.
  • You will see a list containing the viewers’ details.

However, after the live streaming is completed, you won’t be able to see the viewers of your video.

Facebook Pre-recorded Videos 

For this FB video category, you won’t be able to see the persons who have watched your video directly. But, there is an indirect approach that shows you the people who watched and interacted with your video(s). 

In this approach, you check the interactions in terms of likes, loves, shares, comments, etc., listed below the video. You have to tap on each one to see the profiles of the people who interacted. 

For instance, press the number beside the “like” button. It will show you the names of the people who liked your video. In this way, you can check who has viewed your videos on Facebook.

Why doesn’t Facebook allow users to see who viewed their videos? 

Facebook prioritizes user privacy and security over any other thing. Allowing users to see who viewed their videos could potentially lead to privacy breaches and encourage undesirable behaviors, such as stalking or harassment. And for these reasons, FB does not allow you to see the views.

Does Facebook share video viewing data with other users? 

No, Facebook does not share individual video viewing data with other users. Your video views and interactions are private. This data is visible only to you.

How to build meaningful connections on Facebook without knowing who viewed my videos? 

Building connections on Facebook goes beyond tracking views. To get more connections, we suggest you engage authentically, share your experiences, and actively participate in discussions.

Final Words

We hope that now you have a clear idea on can you see who viewed your Facebook video. Depending on the type of video, you should apply the strategies mentioned above to check the viewers’ profiles. 

However, you should not bother too much to sell or promote your offering, as it can make people dislike your next videos.

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