An In-depth Exploration of Facebook Reels Vs Instagram Reels

In the world of social media, short-form videos have gained a significant amount of popularity. Creating, posting, sharing, and watching these videos are a trend now. Following this, Facebook and Instagram have recognized this trend and introduced their own versions of short video features. 

Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels both have their own uniqueness and are equipped with creativity. But what are the differences between reels on these platforms? How to evaluate Facebook reels vs Instagram reels? 

While both platforms offer similar functionalities, there are distinct differences that set them apart. In this article, we are going to find the difference between Facebook reels and Instagram reels while knowing each one’s pros and cons.

Basics of Facebook Reels

Below points, you must know to understand the difference between Facebook reels and Instagram reels.

  • You can create the reels by using the Facebook app. The app comes with some sort of editing option.
  • You can use AR technology to make FB reels, and this technology is provided by Facebook.
  • The maximum length of the Facebook reel is 90 seconds.
  • The minimum length of the Facebook reel is 0.3 seconds.
  • Facebook allows you to share the reels through your post, stories, messenger, Facebook groups, etc.
  • Facebook has a financial program to pay for the creators’ efforts. You can earn up to $35,000 per month by creating and posting Facebook reels.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Reels

We have closely examined the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook reels from a creator’s perspective. Below are our findings.

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Pros of Facebook Reels

  • Facebook has a huge and diverse user base. It means by posting your reels on Facebook; you have a greater chance to get more reach compared to other platforms. This helps you gain more exposure and increases your chances of going viral.
  • Facebook is a diversified social media platform with various communication tools. And it allows you to use all those tools to download and share the reels with followers, friends, and families.
  • The most crucial advantage of favoring FB reels is the associated editing tool and audio library.
  • FB’s algorithm is advanced. It provides a fair chance to maximize showcasing of your content to the respective target audience.
  • FB reels come with a huge earning potential.

Cons of Facebook Reels

  • With a vast amount of content being shared on Facebook, the competition for attention is the highest.
  • Facebook is not only a platform for reels but also for memes, audio content, stories, other text-based content, etc. In short, FB reels are not prioritized by the entity.
  • You are bound to strictly follow the FB policies, even those that do not favor you.

Basics of Instagram Reels

Below are the must-know info about Instagram reels.

  • You have to create a video outside of the platform and upload it on Instagram.
  • The maximum duration of the Instagram reel is 15 minutes.
  • The minimum duration of the Instagram reel is 90 seconds.
  • Earning paternities are enabled with Instagram reels.
  • The reels’ minimum frame rate is 30 FPS, and the maximum resolution is 720 pixels.

Pros and Cons of Instagram Reels

Like FB reels, Insta reels also have some own advantages and disadvantages. Here we have listed those.

Pros of Instagram Reels

  • Instagram reels are highly popular among the young. If your target market is 14-35 years old, Insta Reels can provide you with some competitive advantages to grab the market.
  • Instagram also allows you to share your Facebook reels on its platform.
  • The associated “Tagging” feature is top-notch, allowing you to attract new audiences.
  • A great platform for lifestyle content.

Cons of Instagram Reels

  • Limited monitozitation options.
  • To make the reels public, you have to adjust the setting every time.

Facebook Reels Vs Instagram Reels

To make you understand the context of Facebook reels vs Instagram reels, we have listed below information.


By posting FB reels, you have a chance to reach your videos to a wide range of audiences. There are nearly 3 billion active FB users from every part of the world. On the other hand, Instagram users are comparatively low. As per estimation, the existing worldwide Insta user number is 2.3 billion. In short, you have greater exposure to Facebook reels than Instagram reels.

Audience Selection

For FB reels, you have the opportunity to select the preferred audience. This customized viewer selection option is not available on Instagram. It is a great opportunity to promote a product to a specific group only.

Users’ Age Group

Though Facebook is a leading social media platform, its fan base is gradually decreasing. Teenagers and adults below 25 are more likely not that interested in using Facebook. Whereas Instagram is now the most attractive social media platform for teenagers and young adults. So, if your target market is below 25 years old people, Instagram reels are the best suite option to achieve business success.

Reels Duration and Diversification

Facebook reels are truly short-form, which requires less effort, time, and money. Whereas, Instagram reels are long-form in comparison to FB reels. To prepare quality Insta reels, you need to put in more money, effort, and time. In terms of content diversification, FB reels can cover any topic, but Insta reels more likely revolve around lifestyle, living, clothing, etc.

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By creating and posting FB reels, you can expect to earn $5-$10 for every 1000 views. And from Instagram reels, you can earn $3-$5 for every 1000 views. However, for both reel types, you have various earning options like brand promotion, product selling, etc.

Can I add music to my Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels?

Yes, both platforms provide users with a music integration feature. You can choose from a library of licensed music tracks or add your own audio to enhance your Reels’ quality on Facebook and Instagram.

How can I increase the visibility of my Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels?

To increase visibility, consider creating reels on trending topics. Also, you have to use relevant hashtags and valuable information in the content. We suggest you engage with the community through comments and collaborations as well.

Can I save or download my Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels?

Yes, both platforms allow you to save or download your Reels to your device. You can use our Facebook reels downloader and Instagram reels downloader to do this. This enables you to share them on other platforms or repurpose them for future use.

Final Words

We hope that now you have a clear understanding of Facebook reels vs Instagram reels. We see both reels are capable of making you earn a fortune. Here, you have to make some strategic decisions to maximize the benefits of your short-form videos. 

Ultimately, you should evaluate your goals and target audience and incorporates the challenges of both platforms Reels, in terms of overall content strategy. However, by staying informed, adapting to algorithmic changes, and exploring opportunities for diversification, you can become successful with both types of reels.

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