9 Effective Methods of How to Go Viral on TikTok

TikTok is a crowded social media platform in which millions of creators compete. Success on this platform is significantly dependent on going viral. If you can make a few content viral, you will get numerous fans and followers. Also, going viral is the key to increasing views of your content that maximizes your earnings.

But do you know how to go viral on TikTok? First of all, you have to create unique, engaging, and entertaining content. Then, you have to work on various metrics like engagement, use of effective hashtags, analyzing audience behavior, understanding the TikTok algorithm, and so on.

Here, we detail the effective methods to get massive reach rapidly. We also discuss all the relevant aspects.

In-depth Understanding of Going Viral on TikTok

The exact meaning of going viral is to become very popular very quickly. The term “going viral” on TikTok indicates that one or multiple pieces of your content have gained unimaginable views. It also depicts that your content is shared by thousands or even millions of users. 

Viral content also receives a significant amount of likes. It also pops up frequently in the TikTok search results. 

To provide you with a practical idea about going viral with a particular content, we would like to inform you that “going viral” applies if your content receives 10-20 million views weekly. Viral content usually gets 2-5 million views within 1-2 days on TikTok. 

However, if you ask how many likes to go viral on TikTok, the answer is that likes can influence the outcome of content, but likes do not directly make a content viral.

Which Content Go Viral

A viral TikTok video often incorporates the “stand out of the crowd” context by consisting of uniqueness. Your viral content on this social media platform can be a distinctive act, dance moves, voice, etc. 

Also, content containing exclusive or controversial news, information, data, DIY methods, etc., can go viral. To cut a long story short, your content on TikTok must incorporate a greater level of authenticity and originality to go viral.

Many TikTok users count that going viral is a matter of luck. But, we oppose this concept. We would like to notify you that luck matters sometimes to go viral. This statement is applicable for only one or two flicks by chance. Going viral with many contents is considered a masterstroke of the creator. 

If you want to make most of the content viral, you have to use several skills and expertise like critical thinking, analyzing, testing, etc. We suggest you consider applying all these skills and publish your content to get rapid-spreading. 

Then leave it to your luck to go viral. Our expert observation says perfectly engineered content goes viral easily.

Why Go Viral on TikTok

Our experts’ observation has found the following reasons that direct TikTok content creators towards going viral.

Maximizing Reach

Going viral on TikTok allows you to receive a boost in search results. This boost results in a mass amount of views, shares, likes, etc. It allows you to establish solid emotional bonds between you and your followers from different countries.

Increasing Brand Visibility

If you are a brand promoter on this social media site, go-viral is an ultimate need to increase the respective brand’s visibility and awareness. With several other benefits, the increased visibility of your brand results in increased sales.

Increased Opportunity for Collaboration

It is certain that viral content allows you to get a handsome amount from the TikTok entity. But going viral with several pieces of content allows you to earn more than TikTok’s payment. 

If your several pieces of content receive intensifying context, many global brands will send you offers to collaborate with them. By promoting their product, you will be able to earn an unimaginable amount of money.

Building a Community

If you can make a few short videos spread quickly, your followers will increase substantially within a shorter period. This will allow you to build a community in which members have the same mindset. You can use this community to achieve your business goals.

Becoming a Social Media Celebrity

Your rapid-spreading videos will make you a TikTok celebrity overnight. People will know you. Your ideas and ethics will be followed as ideals. It is a great achievement for an ordinary person.

Positively Impacting the Society

Viral TikTok videos can spread an important message, knowledge, or information rapidly. The associated impact is highly valuable if your content accommodates any particular social issue. It will make many people aware in a short time.

Entertaining People

Rapid-spreading videos are usually capable of providing entertainment to a vast number of people. The associated healthy fun will refresh audiences’ minds.

Personal Satisfaction

We see going viral on the considered social media as a key to achieving personal satisfaction as a creator. High engagement and numerous people’s responses will trigger joy feel inside you in terms of fulfillment.  

9 Effective Methods to Go Viral on TikTok

As you are searching for the answer to how to go viral on TikTok, we assume that you are ready to put in the required efforts and time to master the skill of “going viral” on TikTok. 

Here, we discuss the most effective methods to spread your video rapidly.

Method 01: Understand TikTok Algorithm

Like every other search engine and social medium, TikTok’s algorithm also has some unique characteristics. By definition, this algorithm is the content recommendation system. It decides which content will be shown on each user’s “For You” page. 

This algorithm counts the users’ watch history, published content metrics, and so on to decide on listing in the automated search result. In consideration of the working process of the algorithm, you must identify your target audience in the very first place. 

You must note that every group of audience’s tastes and demands are not the same. So, it is essential that you produce content for a particular audience group. In this way, you can embrace the TikTok algorithm, and your content will receive greater exposure.

Practical Example

Take you have selected Gen Z as your target audience. You must analyze the taste of this audience group. In general, to make Gen Z watch your video, the content must contain contemporary matters. 

Also, your content should have something exceptional and exciting. It is better to publish content with a bit of sex appeal and a great number of entertaining elements.

Our observation indicates that TikTok audiences are crazy about trends. This social media platform literally maintains an ever-evolving nature. It is a fascinating platform where trends are born and re-shaped. We suggest you keep this matter in mind while creating your content. 

To produce viral content, you have to analyze the ongoing trends and select a particular one to use in your content. Here, the selection process must consider the core characteristics of your TikTok channel. 

If your channel is known for hairstyles, we suggest you find trends in personal hairstyles. You must not go for a movie-related trend, even if this trend is highly popular at present.

Practical Example

After doing some research, if you see a particular music is trending, you should use that for the video. If there is any copyright issue, purchase the commercial use license. 

Also, if you know some musicians and musical instrument hands, you can produce a different version of the trending music. The inclusion of trending music will assist in spreading the video very fast.

Method 03: Use Effective and Appropriate Hashtags

We see many creators use numerous hashtags to make the short video work. But, this random use of numerous hashtags is not result-oriented at all. The irrelevant hashtag use makes the algorithm confused, which obstructs mass pop up on the “for you” page. 

Also, suppose anyone searches for a certain hashtag, and your video is shown to that person. In that case, there is a huge chance that the respective audience will leave some negative comments after not finding the hashtag-relevant content components in the video. 

You must avoid this scenario and go for hashtags that are highly relevant to your video content. Among the hashtags, you must identify the best-suite hashtags to go viral on TikTok. In short, irreverent hashtag use may increase the view for the first few hours. But in the long run, the content with inappropriate hashtags does not go viral.

In short, it is effective that you use the most appropriate viral TikTok hashtags.

Practical Example

Take that you are about to publish a funny short video on the platform that is relevant to #funny, #comedy, etc. hashtags. You must insert hashtags with similar meanings. 

But if you place other irrelevant hashtags like #vlog, #the office, #wheneverwhenever, etc., your video’s view won’t get better but will be reduced. 

So, do not use irrelevant hashtags even though some have a massive number of views. You must use hashtags relevant to #funny.

Method 04: Produce Short but Engaging Content

TikTok is popular for short-form videos. It allows you to publish 15-second to 3-minute videos. To get a mass amount of views within 2-3 days, it is better to keep the video length short: 15 sec to 60 sec. 

Try your best to complete the act, music, dance moves, etc., within the mentioned limit. Just remember, your content must be short and highly engaging.

Practical Example

On TikTok, audiences are used to short-time content. Most of the audiences try to use their time to watch as many videos as possible in the allocated time. So, if your content is lengthy, it will keep the audience away from watching your content. 

Our examination shows that the view count of the 3-minute video is 40% less than that of the 15-second to 45-second video.

Method 05: Keep an Arrtactive Hook at the Beginning

Our examination of TikTok audiences’ behaviors says that the first few seconds are the most crucial segments to make a TikTok video viral. Going viral also considers viewers’ retention rates. 

If viewers leave your video after 2-5 seconds, it does not get boosts from the algorithm. To make a video rapid-spreading, you must ensure that viewers watch till the end of the content. This can only be done by placing an effective hook at the beginning of the video.

Practical Example

Take that you are a content maker who produces content about pet dogs. In this case, if your video starts with the funny and unique behavior of a good-looking dog, it will direct the viewers to watch this particular content till the end. 

On the other hand, if you start the video by providing general information about a specific dog, it will lose appeal. The reason is that the general information has no value as the viewers already know it. It will fail to drag the creator to the core of the video. So, use a hook at the beginning.

Method 06: Master the Editing Works

Editing is a crucial skill for video content producers. Your video quality matters a lot to touch the highest reach-point on TikTok. First of all, you must use a high-quality camera to shoot the video using the advanced features of the camera. 

Then, after exporting the raw video from the camera to your computer, you have to use your editing skills to make the video professional. It is also essential that you use the most appropriate audio track. You have to mix the audio and video perfectly. 

We recommend you consider that TikTok is a crowded place in which millions of content creators fight to get views. If your content is not high-quality, it will be dropped out by the algorithm. 

Also, viewers won’t share, like, or comment on low-quality content. In short, low-quality editing work is not suitable for going viral.

Practical Example

To understand this method, we suggest you place yourself in the audience’s position. Now, we have a question for you: Which TikTok video resolution is preferable to you? We know you will answer that I prefer watching content in 4K or UHD resolution. 

This demand is applicable to each and every audience on TikTok. So, if you are not using good equipment, editing tools, etc. while having degraded editing skills, the produced content won’t get the desired amount of views. 

Remember that every viewer wants to watch top-notch content in terms of resolution, editing, etc.

Method 07: Publish Content Consistently

To maximize views, shares, likes, and comments, you must publish content in a consistent manner. Consistent posting is helpful to get a positive attitude of the algorithm towards your content. 

Regular posting is crucial to meet your followers’ demands. Also, regular posting enables the opportunity to increase your follower number very fast.

Practical Example

To understand this method, we suggest you create two test channels on TikTok. In one, you post content every day. In the second channel, you post content in an irregular manner. 

You will see that your number of followers is increasing rapidly while the second channel is struggling to get followers. The same goes for the view count. The first channel’s content will get more and more views.

On the other hand, the second channel’s content will get less amount of views. We see that creators with time shortages fail to maintain this consistency. 

If you also have little time for TikTok video publishing, we suggest you produce and edit a bunch of videos in a single day. Then, schedule the posts to publish automatically at the listed time. It will retain the consistency level.

Method 08: Engage With Audiences

As a creator on the considered social media platform, you must engage with your viewers. You should replay to comments, run live streaming weekly, and place functional CTAs within the content. 

You can increase the engagement ratio with your followers by regularly hosting Q&A sessions. We suggest you use CTAs in a crystal clear form. We suggest that the more you engage with the audience, the more your content will get views, likes, comments, and shares.

Practical Example

To understand the applicability of this method, we suggest you post two videos on your TikTok channel. In one video, you request viewers to subscribe to your account at the end. In the second video, do not use this CTA. 

It is certain that you will see an increased number of followers with- CTA content in comparison to the no-CTA content.

Method 09: Promote Your Content on Other Social Mediums

At present, almost every person uses multiple social media platforms. So, if you post TikTok content on other social media platforms like Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, etc., the view and follower count will get more boosts. 

The post on other social media will drag people to your other content on TikTok. Finally, it will result in more views and followers, i.e., completing the first requirement to go viral.

Practical Example

We have tested this method by using two TikTok accounts. We have shared one account’s content with other social media sites. Another account’s content was just posted on TikTok. The result was surprising. 

The cross-platform sharing account has received a 32% increase in views and follower count compared to the only-TikTok account.

Bonus Tips to Become Viral on TikTok

  • Always include some humble fun in your short videos.
  • Learn and practice video editing. Try to master softwares like Adobe Premier Pro, Openshot, DaVinci Resolver, etc.
  • Develop a time management plan. Publish content as per the set schedule. 
  • If you are a beginner, try to collaborate with successful TikTok content creators.
  • Lastly, be committed and dedicated.

Final Words

We hope that our discussion on how to go viral on TikTok will help you enormously. By applying the mentioned methods, you will surely get more views, shares, and likes. This will ensure the rapid spreading of your content. 

Finally, do not take that going viral is very easy and a matter of luck. Going viral with multiple content is critical work. You have to put significant effort and time into mastering the process.

People Also Ask How to Go Viral on TikTok

How long does it take for a video to go viral on TikTok?

In general, one to two days of viewer engagement indicates whether a video will go viral or not. Still, we observe some videos become viral even after a year of publishing.

How often should I post to increase my chances of going viral?

Consistency and continuity are the keys to going viral. We suggest you publish at least one piece of content per day. The successful TikTokers post 2-5 short videos per day.

Can I go viral by participating in TikTok challenges?

Yes, participating in TikTok challenges increases the chance of getting intensifying results. We suggest you participate in challenges by publishing short videos with a unique twist. 

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