Expert Guide on How to Find Liked Reels on Instagram
October 17, 2023

Expert Guide on How to Find Liked Reels on Instagram

Instagram’s popularity now does not need any elaboration. People are using this social media platform for doing business, promoting their products, increasing their follower number, building up a social reputation, and you name it. 

In the process, the reels on Instagram are now crucial as these are more engaging and result-oriented than those selfies or pictures. Following this, daily millions of reels are posted and watched on Instagram. Certainly, you won’t like all of those. 

You will like reels based on your taste, goal, ideology, etc. But, within this massive library of reels, finding your favorite reel is a tough job. But we make the process easy for you. Here, we inform you how to find liked reels on Instagram. Let’s check it out in detail.

Why You Must Find Liked Instagram Reel

The following are the reasons that make you must find the reel you have liked earlier.

  • Liked Reels are short videos on Instagram that you enjoyed at some point. You can reenjoy those entertaining, informative, or inspiring moments by finding them.
  • You might want to share a fantastic Reel with your friends or followers. In this case, locating your liked Reels is more than essential. Otherwise, you do not have the option to share those amazing reels with your friends and family.
  • As your list of liked Reels grows, finding them becomes increasingly challenging. Finding a strategy to get the previously liked reel can save you time and effort. 
  • Scrolling endlessly to locate a particular Reel can be frustrating. Knowing how to find your liked Reels restricts you from becoming irritated.
  • In this way, you can create collections of liked Reels. It will assist you in curating your own library of content that resonates with you.
  • Instagram is all about enjoying content. Knowing how to find liked Reels ensures you get the most out of the platform.

Effective Ways: How to Find Liked Reels on Instagram

In this section, we elaborate on the stepwise guide to finding the liked reels on Instagram.

On Computer

Step 01: Go to any suitable browser. Open and log in to your account by using the ID and password. 

Step 02: On your profile, click on the located at the bottom right of the screen. This takes you to your profile page.

Step 03: Now, open the Activity Menu. On your profile page, click on the menu icon. It is located at the top right corner. It is usually a three horizontal lines or dots icon.

Step 04: In the menu section, navigate to “Likes.” Go to “Your Activity.” 

Step 05: Then, select “Interactions,” and finally, choose “Likes.” This is where you’ll find all the posts you’ve ever liked on Instagram, including Reels.

On Mobile

Step 01: Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device. Log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap your profile icon at the bottom right to go to your profile.

Step 3: On your profile page, click the menu icon at the top right (usually three lines or dots).

Step 4: In the menu, find and select “Likes” under “Your Activity.”

Step 5: Here, you’ll see all the posts you’ve ever liked, including Reels.

Expert Tips on Finding Liked Reels

You can get the liked reel(s) more easily using the tips below.

Use Sort & Filter

To make finding your liked Reels easier, you can tap on “Sort & filter.” You can change the order from “Newest to oldest” to “Oldest to newest.” This helps you locate older Reels more efficiently.

Use Date Range

You can also select a specific beginning and ending date to narrow down your search results. This is especially useful if you remember when you liked a particular Reel. 

So, if you know the exact date and time when you have liked the reel, this option will make the liked reel-finding process easier and effortless.

Use History Section

Please note that in your likes history, all posts, including Reels, are marked with a video camera icon on the thumbnail. You can also use this option to find the respective liked reel(s). 

But, using this option, it is challenging to find the desired reel as distinguishing between Reels and regular video posts without opening each one is not possible. 

Use Third-part App

There are several sites like Reelssave that allow you to Instagram Reels Download easily, and it is free of cost. If you use this kind of service and download your liked reel, finding that is very easy. The reason is that, in this case, you make a library of liked Insta reels on your device.

Final Words

Finding your liked Reels on Instagram is surely beneficial, but it is a tough task. However, our elaboration on how to find liked reels on Instagram will help you enormously. 

By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can find the Reels you’ve liked and make the most of your time on this popular social platform. So, dive into your liked Reels, rediscover the magic, and continue to enjoy the world of captivating content that Instagram has to offer. 

People Also Ask

Why is it important to find and manage liked Reels on Instagram?

Finding and managing liked Reels is essential to revisiting your favorite content. Additionally, that context allows you to share it with others, stay organized, save time, and enjoy your Instagram experience to the fullest.

How can I ensure my liked Reels are private and not visible to everyone?

By default, your liked Reels are private and only visible to you. However, it’s essential to check your privacy settings periodically to maintain control over your activity.

Can I organize my liked Reels into folders or categories?

Instagram allows you to create collections for your saved posts. But currently, there is no direct feature for organizing like Reels into folders or categories.

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